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FERMO- Fermo stands on the top and along the slopes of Sabulo hill (319 m above s. l.).
The heart of the city is the renaissance Piazza del Popolo, already big place, where is situated the sixteenth-century priors palace inside it, you can find the civic art gallery (with important paintings of Venetian and Marchisian School and the “Nativity” by Rubens) and the Globe Hall (have taken from the designed map by cartographer Maroncelli from Fabriano in 1793).
An undoubted value are Roman Swimming Pools of Augustea Age, unique in all Italy. Roman Swimming Pools are an extraordinary architectural underground, that proves at a distance of thousand years to today the technical constructive knowledge of our ancestors.

For theaters history, Fermo can show with pride the Aquila Theater, the biggest old theater of region Marche. The Aquila Theater boasts an impressive architectonic structure with care for details.

Fermo is always considered one of the hundred richest cities in Italy for history and treasures.

TORRE DI PALME- is a suggestive suburb overlooking the sea, a panoramic terrace on the Adriatic Coast.
Torre di Palme is a true jewel to discover. The way to visit the old centre is on foot and in a few minutes you can walk along lanes and tight streets that lead you to Piazzale Belvedere where you can enjoy of a wonderful Adriatic sea view. Torre di Palme medioeval suburb’s is one of the most interesting of Marche Region’s. It’s conserved very well, and stands out for the uniformity of the buildings and for the attention of details.

PORTO SAN GIORGIO- is a city situated in the heart of Marche coast. It’s an important sea resort with a sand beach that offers receptive structures and a well- equiped touristic fishing port.
Porto San Giorgio is charcterized of : a mount area with the district castle and the Rocca, and over the state road by coastline, called “Marina”.
The impressive Rocca Tiepolo stands with the Mastio, the Guelphes battle mented walls, protected by tall cluster pines. If you came to Porto San Giorgio you have to visit the historic theater “Vittorio Emanuele”, from the beginning of nineteenth-century, the Church of San Giorgio,Villa Bonaparte builted upon the request of Girolamo Bonaparte (brother of Napoleone) that stayed in from 1818 to 1832 and the baroque Church of Suffrage.
There are innumerable elegant villas that cross with corners , lanes and green places.
The promenade is full of centuries palm trees.
It is bringed of floorings and illuminations where there are built numerous villas in a characteristic art nouveau style.